5.11 Tactical Edge Bender Entry Tool


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SKU: W-511-50135

Open outward swinging metal/security doors faster while minimizing exposure. 
5.11 Tactical partnered with Sweden Entry Tools (S.E.T.) to develop the 5.11 Breaching Tool System. These mechanical breaching tools allow breaching of inward and outward opening wooden, steel and security doors. Efficient and balanced breaching tools with tremendous power, these tools have the precision to open any door. The Tactical Breaching Tool System offers a mechanical breaching system for quick and certain entry capability to open secure doors with speed whilst minimizing exposure. When time is critical, these tools help ensure success.

Edge Bender security plate bypass quickly reveals door gaps
Open outward swinging wooden doors, steel doors and security doors
Constructed with a proprietary TacForged steel alloy for lighter weight and tool strength
Contains (1)  Edge Bender

The Edge Bender security plate bypass tool has revolutionized the ability to open outward swinging metal/security doors in a reliable way. With one simple motion the security plate edge is folded out of the way to reveal the gap between the door and the frame.

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